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Testing for memory leaks?
Nethfel Offline

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Testing for memory leaks?
Hi all,

I'm very new to programming on OSX and programming with Obj-C - I was wondering if there is a way to monitor memory allocation and deallocation when running small test programs.

For example - let's say I make a class and make a small program to test the class (one that will test the methods via sending fixed data and just output via NSLog) so basically there would only be maybe a couple dozen lines in main to test the methods and sending various arguments to the methods and it would be quick in/out of the program.

So is there a tool to watch allocation and deallocation of memory? I tried shark, but it complains because the program exits near instantaneously after outputting a few lines (which is normal) and I don't see a way in GDB to track allocation and deallocation of memory (possibly because I don't fully know how to use GDB yet) - especially if it's a pointer that's been shifted from one memory location to another without releasing the first location...

Suggestions welcome!
2010.07.07 03:09 PM
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szymczyk Offline
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Testing for memory leaks?
Take a look at Instruments. The Leaks and Object Allocations templates would be the ones that would help you most. I'm not sure how great Instruments is with small programs, but it's the best tool for monitoring memory allocations on Mac OS X.
2010.07.21 02:43 PM
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