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Header, Input and Units
wkburkert Offline

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Header, Input and Units
I am very new to iOS programming and I am trying to get started on making an App for scientific calculations but cant seem to find how to do a simple pull-down menu that will allow a user to assign a unit of measurement to a value they just input.

I will have many inputs, typically four per row. Each input will have a title/header text then below the title/header there will be an input block and, the part I am having the most problem with, a pull-down menu that will allow a user to select a unit of measurement, as an example, inches or millimeters. When the selection is choosen I would like the menu to shrink and display the selected value. Wondering if someone can lead to an example?

I would like the selected unit of measurement to look like the header text meaning no frame or any indication that the item is a pulldown menu because sometimes some units will not have a unit of measurement because they could be a percentage where I would have the percent symbol below the input. The idea is to have a very uniform display of headers, input blocks, and units.

I have done this entire app on an android and trying to make the same thing for iOS and find it hard to get started. ANy guidance is greatly appreciated.
2012.04.29 01:53 AM
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Derek Kuhl Offline
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RE: Header, Input and Units
UIPopoverController will be what you want for the iPad.

Since UIPopoverController generates an exception for the iPhone (you can't use it), you'll have to just do what Apple wants, which is to push and pop a UITableViewController or animate a UIPickerView sliding up from the bottom.
2012.05.01 05:12 PM
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