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Sencha Touch for Web developer on ipad - namheo - 2010.11.22 07:13 PM

Dear all, after researching about HTML5/CSS3 orientation in programing ipad application and i decided to use Sencha Touch ( I developed an ipad game: Gomoku for demo and would like to introduce it.

As you know Apple wants to support HTML5 in the future and it is a good opportunity for web developer who know HTML/CSS & javascript. HTML5/CSS3 is cross platform orientation so you can port your ipad app to Android or BlackBerry app easily, even web app.

This has 2 modes: Player vs Player (you and your friend can play Gomoku on the same ipad) & Player vs Computer (But it is my bad in AI algorithm, I will improve later. Forgive me if it cannot win you Sad ). This is my first ipad app using HTML5 so I am sorry if it makes you disappointed Sad

If you want to have my source code, please send me an email via, my twitter: Tran Nam (namheo) on Twitter).

If you are a web developer and you want to build your app in ipad, you should use Sencha Touch. I wish you will succeed Smile
Please review here:
[Image: mzlxjniglnj480x48075.png]

Link Itunes: Caro for iPad on the iTunes App Store
In your ipad, you can go to your itunes and search keyword "caro" or "gomoku"

[Image: gomoku.png]

RE: Sencha Touch for Web developer on ipad - rodrigo - 2013.10.02 04:39 AM

Is this like a simple app that even the beginners can work onto?